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Join us in Welcoming Wayne Miller to the Team!


Equine Center Manager
Wayne Miller

Triple 8 Equine Center welcomes its new Equine Center Manager, Wayne Miller.  Wayne grew up and has lived most of his life in northern Colorado.  His passion and love of horses has resulted in a successful teaching career in the education of equine sciences and equine management at the collegiate level as well as with 4-H and FFA members throughout Colorado.  

Wayne graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Equine Science and Agricultural Business.  This was when he began his career educating others on equine science and equine management.  His teaching career allowed him to instruct others on equine health, light horse management, equine management, equine reproduction, and equine evaluation courses. Furthermore, he assisted in teaching beginners through advanced colt breaking courses and stable operation courses. 


Eventually, Wayne found his way back to his alma mater, CSU, as the ETRC Facilities Manager/Event Coordinator/Animal Welfare.  Duties included overseeing all daily operations/activities for all equine events at the ETRC; develop, implement and maintain standard operating procedures for the ETRC program; and maintain and sustain high standards of cleanliness in all equine facilities.  


This role also put Wayne in charge of training, supervising, and managing student workers who were responsible for feeding horses and cleaning/organizing the facility.  Wayne also scheduled and supervised CSU sponsored events such as equine club competitions, horse shows and horse competitions as well as CSU Rodeo Team Advisor.


For nearly 20 years, Wayne worked with and guided college students’ equine management courses.  His knowledge and skills were a great asset to helping students with job placement post-graduation.  His expertise allowed him to coach students on ranch horse versatility teams, horse training programs, and horse judging teams!  


Wayne’s been active in 4-H activities his entire life.  His strong compassion for the 4-H program has led him to take part and work closely with several 4-H programs over the years, service as fair board member, horse committee member and even serve as member of the State of Colorado Horse Committee.  He’s also utilized his college coaching credentials to coach several county 4-H and FFA horse judging teams and county fair horse shows throughout WY, CO and NE.  He has served on the National Western Stock Show Horse Committee for three years.


Triple 8 Equine Center is excited to have Wayne Miller join the staff and even more excited to see how he can expand and build upon the great quality services the equine center offers!

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