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Brian & Anne Lang


Meet Brian and Anne Lang, the Triple Eight Equine Center owners. Brian's remarkable journey involves owning and overseeing agriculture equipment dealerships spanning three states. His dealership achieved consistent recognition, ranking among North America's top 10 AGCO dealers for over 30 years. 


While Brian's son has taken on more of the dealership's day-to-day responsibilities, Brian has decided to embark on a unique venture. Brian found a profound connection with horses, reveling in their majestic and therapeutic nature. This led him to establish the Triple Eight Equine Center, driven by the desire to share the joy of horses with people and actively contribute to the conditioning and rehabilitation of these remarkable animals.


For Brian, the rodeo represents one of the last true American family events, and the horse community feels like a second family. The name "Triple Eight Equine Center" holds special meaning, with 888 symbolizing a guardian angel, a guiding force. Inspired by a life-altering accident, Brian Lang felt a divine presence that fueled gratitude, leading to "Triple Eight" as a symbol of protection. Horses, recognized for their therapeutic impact, embody the center's mission to support horses and humans on their journey to strength and healing.


Anne Lang, having a long career in the banking industry, has added a unique touch to the equine center by opening Phoenix Western Shoppe on the campus. This tack store offers a diverse range of horse tack for all disciplines, along with western clothing and accessories—an invaluable addition considering the absence of tack stores in the area.

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