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As you know, an appropriate saddle fit is a game changer! A well-fitted saddle can improve a horse's performance by allowing for natural movement and balance. It helps distribute the weight of the rider evenly, preventing stress on the horse's back and muscles. It also helps the horse with less discomfort, pain and long-term damage to their back. 

Becky Pearson, CERP of Pivot Point Equine, will conduct a saddle fitting clinic in Hays, Kansas, using a common sense approach. She will help teach you how to evaluate whether your saddle fits correctly or is part of the problem. She offers inexpensive ideas to help with saddle fit and isn't trying to "sell" you an expensive saddle if you don't need it.

Contact Shelly at Triple Eight Equine at 785-639-5876 with any questions. Limited Spots available. 

  • Individual Fitting- approx 30 min- $100- includes evaluation of your pad in combination with your saddle to provide low cost ideas to help the fit. 


Sign up for a spot on Sunday, November 5th at our Shadow Arena for the Shadow Fitting Clinic.  

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